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Grocery & Retail

Grocery store flooring needs to be attractive, durable and provide a safe surface for customers to walk on. Our easy-to-maintain floors don’t require stripping and waxing and are seamless to eliminate places where bacteria and dirt can hide. From retail stores and supermarkets where design and appearance are a priority to prep areas requiring durability and slip resistance, Dur-A-Flex offers floor systems to fit any need.


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Grocery & Retail Flooring

Resinous flooring systems are ideal for  grocery and retail spaces alike.

With so many options, it can be hard to identify which systems will work best for the various areas of your grocery and retail facilities. This brochure will help you take a look at multiple areas at once.

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Watch to Learn More

Grocery Store Resinous Flooring Webinar

Learn why seamless flooring and wall systems are the preferred choices for grocery stores.

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Thank you for your interest in our products. Complete the information below and tell us about your project.

421pdf链接 421pdf链接 ,明星大考场 明星大考场 ,府辰国际教育网 府辰国际教育网

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