huang书 huang书 ,穿成八零福运小团宝 穿成八零福运小团宝

huang书 huang书 ,穿成八零福运小团宝 穿成八零福运小团宝


huang书 huang书 ,穿成八零福运小团宝 穿成八零福运小团宝 Atlas Bait Sac Ty'R Kit


Atlas Bait Sac Ty’R Kit

The Atlas Bait Sac Ty’R Kit has everything you need to start tying your own bait sacs. Kit includes a stainless steel bait maker, two rolls of super soft nylon netting, a spool of Magic Thread, bait sac floaters, and easy-to-use instructions.  Just add your own salmon eggs and get out there and fish! Makes bait sac tying fast and efficient.


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huang书 huang书 ,穿成八零福运小团宝 穿成八零福运小团宝

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